Course Overview

PEPP represents a complete source of prehospital medical information for the emergency care of infants and children. Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, PEPP is an exciting curriculum designed to teach prehospital professionals how to better assess and manage ill or injured children.

PEPP is a comprehensive, innovative, and highly visual course featuring case-based lectures, live-action video, hands-on skills stations, and small group scenarios.

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) course is geared toward the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) and Paramedic. Any health professional who is responsible for the emergency care of children may find this course beneficial.

Sign-Up and Payment

To sign up and pay for this course, first create an account and login. Then, return to this page, and scroll to the bottom. You'll find the link to make payment. Once paid, you'll be automatically enrolled.

Course Format

The hybrid course is a combination of online learning, followed by hands-on practice in the classroom. Instead of attending a 2-day traditional onsite course, students learn a portion of the course through self-directed online modules. After completing all of the online modules, students then attend a 1-day onsite course for completion of hands-on practice, as well as instructor interaction and the final examination.

The American Academy of Pediatric is approved by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS). Participants who successfully complete the PEPP Course are eligible to receive continuing education units (CEUs) through CECBEMS. The ALS Hybrid Course provides 12.5 hours.

Course Materials

The PEPP Course requires the following materials:

  • PEPP Textbook
  • Precourse Online Modules

The course cost does NOT include the textbook or online modules, it only covers the tuition for the onsite portion of the course. Students will need to order the online modules, and complete them, PRIOR to attending the course.

Textbook Information

Students may borrow the textbook from our library when they arrive for the onsite portion of the course.  Or, for students who prefer, the textbook may be purchased or rented from a variety of internet providers. The student is responsible to verify they have the correct edition. The following links are some potential sources for obtaining the textbook:

Barnes and Noble

Students Renting Textbooks

Students borrowing our textbooks (or renting), instead of buying one, will need to obtain a new access code from the textbook publisher in order to complete the online portion of the course. Make certain you purchase the correct access code, for the ALS Hybrid Course. [Here's a hint: You don't need a textbook to complete the online portion.]

Purchase access to the PEPP Precourse Modules - ALS Hybrid Course.

Course Schedule

ALS Online Component
Pediatric Assessment 60 min
Respiratory Emergencies 45 min
Resuscitation and Dysrhythmias 30 min
Medical Emergencies 45 min
Trauma 45 min
Children in Disasters 30 min
Emergency Delivery and Newborn Resuscitation 45 min
Children with Special Health Care Needs 30 min
Child Maltreatment 30 min
6 hours of education
ALS Onsite Component
Welcome and Course Overview 15 min
Shock Lecture 30 min
Skills Orientation Video (ALS) 30 min
BREAK 15 min
Airway Skills Station 45 min
Vascular Access and Spinal Stabilization Skills Stations 45 min
LUNCH 60 min
Course Coordinator selects 2-3 cases from each grouping:
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies Cases
  • Children with Special Health Care Needs Cases
  • Trauma Cases
75 min
Resuscitation Skills Station 60 min
BREAK 15 min
Course Coordinator selects 2-3 cases from each grouping:
  • Child and Family Interaction Cases
  • Medical Emergencies Cases
  • Emergency Delivery and Newborn Resuscitation Cases
75 min
Exam 30 min
6.5 hours of education
8.25 hours with breaks
Total time for ALS Hybrid Course: 12.5 CEU Credits (CECBEMS approved)

Course Completion Requirements

The PEPP Course is a continuing education course that is designed to provide education; it does not certify or license participants. Participants who successfully complete the ALS PEPP Course may qualify to receive a PEPP Course Completion Certificate. To qualify to receive this certificate, the student must:

  • Participate in the complete course
  • Complete the precourse modules
  • Pass the final examination

All students must go online to redeem their access code. Students will participate in nine online modules; upon completion of the modules, they will print out their completion certificate, and bring it with them to the course.

How Students Get Their Certificates
1Students log-on to
2Students enroll in a hybrid course taught by an approved Course Coordinator. NOTE: Enrollment in a course requires a valid email address.
3Students locate the access code inside the front cover of the PEPP textbook. The access code card contains instructions for redeeming the unique code.
Hybrid students
  • Participate in 9 online modules
  • Print-out completion certificate and bring it to the onsite course
4 Course Completion Certificates are sent via email after students have successfully met all course requirements. Each student must provide a valid email address when enrolling in a PEPP Course to receive a Course Completion Certificate.

Tuition and Lab Fees

The tuition and lab fees are $75.

The textbook and course access code are not included in the tuition and lab fees.